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Most DIY security equipment is purchased upfront instead of leasing. They’re ideal for renters because they typically don’t require professional wiring or drilling. DIY wireless equipment is easy to install using one screw, removable adhesive or plugging into a standard wall outlet to eliminate the cost of professional installation. When it’s time to move, you’ll be able to pack up the security equipment and reinstall at your new home. All of your wireless equipment connects to a control panel or hub and can easily be controlled using your smartphone or web portal. The best part is if there’s a power outage, most wireless equipment includes a backup battery to work.

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Alternately, if you don't have a home automation hub, look for a Wi Fi or Bluetooth lock that comes with its own mobile app.

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Conduct a “sweep” of your home with your bug detector.

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99MSRPHoneywell Lyric C2 Wi Fi Security Camera at $169.

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Maybe they will start with a point product but then possibly migrate to a more secure, professional solution.